Surgical Gown

Surgical Gown

  • Model NO. 1120020
  • Minimum order quantity:10000
  • Accept Min order:No
  • Country of Origin:China
Basic Information
Product Description

Style: Surgical Gown
Feature: Collar binding, c
omfortable, waterproof, disposable, sterilized by EO, individual paper pouch packaging, 4 waist belts, cotton cuffs at wrist, anti-bacteria, anti-static;
International certificates: ISO13485:2016, CE Declaration of Conformity, FDA;
Material:PP/SMS/CPE, Nonwoven
Color: Blue
MOQ: 10,000pcs
Samples: available
Sample time: within 7-10 days

Service: Wholesale or OEM & ODM
FOB port: Xiamen, China

It is used to wear on the surgeon and the nurse to prevent the dandruff on the doctor's body from spreading to the open surgical wounds and the body fluid of the surgical patient from spreading to the medical staff, playing the role of bidirectional biological protection. The product is not sterilized when it leaves the factory.

It must be sterilized by the user before use. It can be reused after sterilization.